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Our Story

YAE Wellness was founded on the belief that patient loyalty and employee loyalty begin at the nexus of excellent service, professionalism, quality, curated products, and genuine connections. This ethos reverberates through every company decision made, all of which will be made according to the regulations set forth by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. By educating residents on the best practices for the use of medical cannabis oil, and by understanding the needs of the community, YAE Wellness will work tirelessly to tailor its product offering to its patients’ needs. 

Our Mission

Improve the wellbeing of Virginia patients by becoming a local leader in developing innovative, thoughtful products and therapies for Virginia’s medical cannabis oil program.

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Fluvanna First Supplier Program

YAE Wellness has developed an internal program called the Fluvanna First Supplier Program, which requires all employees responsible for purchasing and/or vendor-selection decisions to prioritize working with local third-party suppliers who align ethically with YAE Wellness's values. The core tenet of the program is to source from the Fork Union area and neighboring communities in Fluvanna County, whenever possible, for day-to-day supplies, and a variety of business services, including printing, marketing, equipment installation, and facility-related maintenance. YAE Wellness will engage with local businesses and contractors that share a commitment to sustainability, social engagement, and the support and enrichment of the lives of local residents. 

By collaborating with local partners with strong ties to Fluvanna County, YAE Wellness hopes to positively impact the City of Fork Union and Fluvanna County’s economies, improve perceptions of the cannabis industry, and develop a business model that meets the needs of the community. In this effort YAE Wellness will:

  • Actively work to become a link between the state’s medical cannabis industry and other local businesses. YAE Wellness will develop a list of selected small businesses in Fluvanna County with preference for those who are members of the Fluvanna County Chamber of Commerce to develop partner relationships.

  • YAE Wellness will prioritize businesses designated as small, diverse businesses with a classification as a (1) Women's business enterprise (WBE); (2) Minority business enterprise (MBE); (3) Disability-owned business enterprise; (4) LGBTQ business enterprise; or (5) Veteran's business enterprise. 

  • YAE Wellness will prioritize companies that share a similar vision and corporate values, specifically companies with hiring practices that emphasize diversity, and the hiring of individuals disproportionately impacted by cannabis criminalization.

Our Commitment

YAE Wellness is committed to sustainability, social engagement, and supporting and enriching the lives of local residents. By bringing on local partners with strong ties to Fluvanna County, YAE Wellness hopes to positively impact the Fluvanna County economy, improve perceptions of the cannabis industry, and develop a business model that meets the needs of the community. 

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How to Apply for a Medical Card


The Virginia Board of Pharmacy website contains resources to locate registered practitioners in your area.


Schedule and complete an appointment with the registered practitioner and ask any questions you may have about medical cannabis oil treatment. 


Once you receive the proper written certification from a Virginia Board of Pharmacy-registered practitioner, you will need to register with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to possess medical cannabis oil.

Click here and follow the step-by-step instructions!

In order to qualify for Virginia’s medical cannabis oil program, individuals must obtain a valid, written certification from a Virginia Board of Pharmacy-registered practitioner.

Why We're Here

YAE Wellness is driven by deep commitments to quality patient care and cutting-edge innovation, supported by highly skilled advisors, consultants, and employees with collective decades of the cannabis industry and business management experience. Just as a double-layered flower has many petals, which contribute in unison to its overall growth and well-being, YAE Wellness is composed of leaders representing a wide array of expertise in cannabis cultivation, production, dispensing, and pharmacy operations; pharmacological research; patient advocacy; business management; facility security; and marketing. Members of the YAE Wellness team were selected for their heartfelt dedication to community outreach; support of local businesses; and commitment to fostering a company culture comprised of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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