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YAE Wellness was co-founded by medical professionals and experienced cannabis facility operators who share a commitment to performing meaningful clinical research to advance the evolving medical cannabis industry and its associated field of study. YAE Wellness aims to be a significant part of this forward movement in the field of medical cannabis research. YAE Wellness will rely on its own internal group of world-class researchers, and a partnership with Neswell, an Israeli cannabis biotech company developing natural, safe, and clinically tested products. Neswell’s expertise in targeted product development will allow YAE Wellness to build, and continually refine the medical cannabis product offering to best suit the needs of its patients.


YAE Wellness will initiate a continual data collection project designed to collect self-reported feedback related to the efficacy of individual products with the goals to:

  1. Determine if patients participating in the Virginia medical cannabis program experience any perceived benefit from their medical cannabis regimen; and

  2. Determine if certain qualified conditions are positively impacted more so than others.

YAE Wellness believes this type of broad collection of data and subsequent analysis will provide critical information to Virginia universities and other local private research groups. Additionally, this data can be used to guide future policy decisions and budgetary considerations at the state level. 


Overall, this data will contribute foundational knowledge pertaining to the impact medical cannabis has at the state and local levels through policy and research efforts. Example primary outcome measures include:


  • Correlation of self-reported benefit with a duration of medical cannabis consumption;

  • Correlation of self-reported benefit with the type of medical cannabis product; 

  • Correlation of prescription medication use with medical cannabis consumption;

  • Correlation of self-reported benefit with dosage of active ingredients contained within medical cannabis products; and 

  • Additional correlations to be determined as the study is further developed.


The overall goal of this research project is to build a foundational database that can be used to inform potential future research projects and to guide policymakers as the Virginia medical cannabis industry grows. The data collected has the potential to identify novel formulations of interest, uncover potentially marginalized patient populations, and guide future policy endeavors. 


YAE Wellness is committed to bringing a thoughtful, research-driven approach to the medical cannabis oil industry in Virginia, namely by partnering with institutions that can further this goal.

YAE Wellness looks forward to partnering with VCU Massey Cancer Center, one of only 71 cancer centers nationwide that has earned the prestigious designation from the National Cancer Institute to steer cancer research efforts around the country. Every day VCU Massey Cancer Center staff rededicate themselves to find the most advanced therapies available in an effort to help patients continue living comfortable lives — a goal YAE Wellness hopes to continue through the provision of medical cannabis oil.

YAE Wellness will also partner with Neswell, an Israeli cannabis biotech company developing natural, safe, and clinically tested products. Neswell collects data points from seed to product to create consistent plant-based solutions for a variety of indications. The company’s tailor-made formulations contain broad spectrum cannabis extract that is delivered by novel administration systems for optimal bio-availability. YAE Wellness intends to serve as a research and product development partner to explore effective and beneficial use of medical cannabis. 

Finally, YAE Wellness is excited to partner with professors from the University of Lethbridge to focus and perform research on cannabis breeding and more personalized medical cannabis approaches for each unique individual. 

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