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Security Camera

YAE Wellness recognizes the impact a medical cannabis pharmaceutical processor facility can have on the surrounding community and businesses, and has developed a facility security plan to eliminate any potential negative concerns. YAE Wellness's purpose is to grow, process, and dispense medical cannabis oil with the highest standards for quality of products, services, and public safety. The company’s goal is to aid in the alleviation of the symptoms of debilitating health conditions that warrant the administration of medical cannabis oil. Every aspect of company operations will have a strong emphasis on security and the prevention of medical cannabis oil product diversion. YAE Wellness will work with the medical community and trusted security partners to continually improve internal policies and procedures, which will ensure the safety of its employees and the community.


To achieve the goals of a proactive security program, YAE Wellness will have a full-time Director of Security and Compliance with the necessary security operations pedigree to assess risks; lead security training; oversee vendor management; and guide the company in appropriate security measures and equipment investments. By ensuring security and compliance are at the forefront of YAE Wellness operations, the facility can ensure community safety and integration. 


YAE Wellness is committed to ensuring neighborhood and community safety. To further enhance facility security, the Fluvanna County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to add YAE Wellness to the Department’s regular patrol list providing the facility with optimal coverage and law-enforcement visibility. After having conversations with the Sheriff of Fluvanna County, YAE Wellness obtained a written Letter of Support for the pharmaceutical processor operations, specifically stating he believes the operation will not adversely impact the area or public safety of Fluvanna County or Fork Union. A security monitor in the Sheriff Department’s dispatch center is currently under consideration to facilitate real-time monitoring of any high-risk areas of YAE Wellness’s premises. 

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