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Our commitment is to help the greater Fork Union community flourish and grow as YAE Wellness builds its facility from the ground up. YAE Wellness is committed to doing business with small, diverse, and local service providers and businesses that share the Company’s core values. By creating vendor relationships through a local-first policy that emphasizes diverse ownership, YAE Wellness commits itself to the belief that building and maintaining mutually respectful relationships will help both YAE Wellness and the greater Fork Union community to flourish.


  • Northeast Construction Inc.  A solar energy installation firm specializing in engineering, procurement, and construction services.

  • R.W. Harper & Son — Roofing services based nearby in Richmond.

  • Tate & Hill Inc. — Electrical supply & contracting based in Richmond.

  • M&E Contractors — HVAC and appliances, specializing in energy-efficient units, based in Richmond.


KBS Construction is a tenured Richmond-based firm specializing in construction management; general contracting; design/build; and sustainable construction methods across the Mid-Atlantic region. The organization is local-centric and Virginia-focused, and has already provided YAE Wellness with preliminary state-of-the-art construction plans and specifications. 

Millenium Security (Millenium) is a Charlottesville-based, third-party, security contractor that will provide a host of security-related services beneficial to YAE Wellness, including on-site security staffing, transportation security, site monitoring, and other offerings related to highly-regulated facilities. Millenium’s owner was born and raised in Fluvanna County and has operated the company from nearby Charlottesville for more than 20 years. The business employs 120 professional security and security administration personnel in and around the region. 

Walter Parks Architects is an experienced and knowledgeable Richmond-based architecture firm founded in 1993 by the owner, Walter Parks. The firm has worked on projects ranging from single-family homes to commercial, mixed-use structures, winning numerous awards for building projects, including the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Richmond Merit Award for architecture in September 2020. Walter Parks Architects believes energy efficiency and environmentally friendly design are important components for architecture today, aligning with YAE Wellness’s desire to build and operate a sustainable, environmentally friendly facility.


YAE Wellness is committed to the advancing the medical cannabis industry and serves as a proud member of the following associations and organizations:


  • National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA): Founded in 2010, NCIA is the oldest, largest, and most effective trade association representing legal cannabis businesses. Membership is comprised of hundreds of forward-thinking businesses and tens-of-thousands of cannabis professionals from coast to coast.

  • Central Virginia African American Chamber of Commerce: The CVAACC is charged with growing African American businesses and increasing wealth in the African American community. CVAACC believes that through education, networking, and various collaborations, the African American community can improve its economic position.

  • Metropolitan Business League: The Metropolitan Business League (MBL) is a non-profit business association creating business networking opportunities in Central Virginia. MBL focuses on fostering business development and expansion for women- and minority-owned businesses to ensure long-term success and promote economic prosperity in Virginia. 

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