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YAE Wellness applied for a Pharmaceutical Processing Facility license with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy in November of 2020. The Company is still awaiting the Virginia Board of Pharmacy's decision on licenses awarded within the State


As a company, YAE Wellness came to life through the shared vision of its three female owners. As a name, the letters that comprise “YAE” are derived from the first letter of each owner’s first name. The YAE Wellness brand is representative of its owners’ unique, multifaceted personalities, and the Japanese word YAE means “doubled” — often used to reference multi-layered flowers. The brand’s logo embodies the balance, simplicity, and layered nature of the company’s namesake flower, the lotus, and represents YAE Wellness’s delicate approach to patient care.


The launch of YAE Wellness is the culmination of the owners’ collective mission to enhance the wellness of individuals in their adoptive state of Virginia through the provision of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil. 


The founders of YAE Wellness are dedicated to building a company capable of providing the best possible level of patient service, backed by a thirst for innovation, and supported by robust scientific experience. Each owner is a woman of positive influence, education, and mindfulness who believes in the medicinal value of cannabis, and the economic value of smart business practices. As Virginia residents who live near the YAE facility, located in the nurturing heart of picturesque Fluvanna County, they are guided by community-minded values with a personal stake in their home region. With their diverse backgrounds, extensive business experiences, and aspirations to be positive, contributing members of their community, the owners of YAE Wellness have come together to collaborate and build something greater than themselves. 


  • Operate with integrity for the purpose of providing optimal care.

  • Act with maximum transparency regarding product safety, formulation, and usage. 

  • Commit to developing high-quality cannabis oil products supplemented by global medical research partners and science-based innovation.

  • Guided by the YAE Wellness Compassionate Care Plan, bring life back to patients’ lives through compassionate, authentic patient care; focused education; and meaningful product guidance.

  • Advance patient education and innovation in the development, and processing of cannabis oil products.

  • Stay curious and relentlessly push the envelope to explore new, compliant frontiers.



YAE Wellness will utilize the, a platform developed by Dr. Dustin Sulak, to ensure all education regarding medical cannabis oil remains current and that patients receive the most accurate information while visiting YAE Wellness. is a trusted, doctor-developed medical cannabis brand founded to address the challenge of producing and selling safe and reliable products and educating patients and health providers on how to best use them. Healer's medical cannabis educational training programs include comprehensive materials for patients, dispensary sales associates, wellness advisors, pharmacists, and medical providers. Healer's step-by-step guides and videos include medical cannabis dosage and titration programs that help patients find their optimal therapeutic dosage. 

Pharmacy Technicians will be responsible for adhering to YAE Wellness's patient education plan and will be trained to constantly act in a friendly, caring, and supportive manner in order to create a supportive and educational environment where patients feel comfortable and invested in their treatment.

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